Who could forget when Seinfeld landed Babu in prison and, when he and Elaine visited him there, the moment when they flapped their hands and said “The wheels are in motion! Things are happening!”

Well, I can’t forget it. Maybe life would be better if I could forget more Seinfeld moments, but I’ll never know.

Wheels are in motion, things are happening. Yesterday I had a long phone chat with the head of special needs for the district. This would not be a good time to share all of the contents of that chat (if I ever want to get Dar into the best possible place for him). But it is confirmed that the BUSD is paying full freight to send him to some non-BUSD place.


They admit that normal resources are not enough for Dar!! YAY!!

This is the bittersweet side of being a parent of a very, very, handicapped child. On the one hand, you don’t (or shouldn’t) have to fight a district to notice delays that some adults find hard to see or imagine. On the other hand…everything else. Like lack of sleep. Like his lack of friends, lack of contact, ┬álack of discipline, lack of a future.

In December, the BUSD was basically telling us, don’t worry, Dar is fine with us. Yesterday, the same district was basically pushing Dar out the door. My contact was talking about an urgency. And yes there IS a special-needs school that will take him.

As I said last week, wifey and I are worried about setting upon a path of least resistance that will keep him in this school until the 2030s. There *may* be better options for Dar around the Bay…even if we had to pay some or even all.

We need to figure those out. And the best time is now. Wheels are in motion, things are happening.