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Monthly Archives: June 2020

SO much…

June 25, 2020, 2:25 pm

…that I’m not talking about right now. Tomorrow the plan is, for the first time in 2020, to bring Dar to the beach to play with other kids. We’ll see how it goes. Also tomorrow wife and I are trying to go to a restaurant for the first time since March. I’ll report back next week! Stay safe everyone.

True Loop

June 19, 2020, 11:53 am

I rarely talk about it here, but we watch autism-related movies and shows. I often think about Dar’s brother, who I refer to here as R, and his relationship with Dar. I see how it is now, and I wonder how it will be when, in the course of normal events, Irena and I are dead and R has to manage Dar’s life by himself. R and I recently watched Pixar’s new short cartoon Loop, which the company is promoting […]

Year of Uncertainty

June 11, 2020, 11:02 am

“Introduced first in 1927 by the German physicist Werner Heisenberg, the uncertainty principle states that the more precisely the position of some particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be predicted from initial conditions, and vice versa. “In quantum mechanics, the uncertainty principle (also known as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle) is any of a variety of mathematical inequalities[1] asserting a fundamental limit to the precision with which the values for certain pairs of physical quantities of a particle, such as position, x, and momentum, p, can be predicted from initial conditions.” – […]

Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey

June 4, 2020, 1:55 pm

I’ve created a monster. A monster of regression? Dar’s latest thing is coming up to me and saying “nuh” in an apparent effort to get me to say “no” in response. Is this as bad as a global pandemic or systemic racism? No, but others are better positioned to speak about those. How did this latest thing start? Well, it started because Dar asks for things. I sometimes refuse those things. I try to refuse in the nicest possible way. […]