This Covid year has really been one for the books. It’s hard to believe that we can finally start to wrap it up, or at least pretend to.

I’m very proud that I basically kept up a weekly autism blog for about five (5!) years before Covid. I’m not proud that I haven’t done so well since.

But if I’m ever gonna get back to where I was, I need a bit of a summer reset. And in this case, that means taking July for R&R. So you won’t see me here. You may see me on other social media.

But I really appreciate your interest here…it has meant the world.

Last picture of the season is of Dar with a friend on what we might call an “autism play date.” Two kids with severe autism. Ignoring each other. At least Dar seems happy to see me taking a picture of him. Call that progress if you like.

We can all use some.