June 18, 2021

Dar was at Thousand Oaks forever. We fought to get him into a new school. We won. That new school, Via, was great for him. Then Via shut down because of Covid. Via tried distance learning with Dar. He doesn’t do two-way screens. As Covid eased, he went back to Thousand Oaks. But that was no long-term solution…it was just short-term enough for him to finish the “promotion” with the rest of his fellow fifth-graders. The summer came along, and with it, the prospect of continuing ESY at some other school that’s part of Berkeley Unified, or at a place much more suited to his needs. Very luckily, we managed to find such a place that would take Dar at least for the summer. The plan is for Dar to return to Via in September. But that assumes they actually re-open. They lost most of their staff…so…not great. For all we know, he will be at the current school indefinitely.

I don’t want to jinx anything by saying their name or writing much more about it right now. Knock on wood, so far, it’s fine. This is the end of his first full week there. Let’s discuss more later. Thanks for checking in.