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I haven’t been able to decide what to write about Dar this week. A lot of things are happening, but I’m not sure any of them merit a full blog post.

Should I talk about his great relationship with the dog we adopted five months ago? The way he giggles when he approaches and pets her? That’s a nice topic.

Should I write about how much he’s raiding the fridge for ice cream lately? How we have to keep it locked or enter the kitchen an hour later to see melted ice cream everywhere?

Should I write about Dar’s love for sinks? Spraying water? Our water-saturated kitchen floor?

Should I write about the current troubles with his speech therapist at Alta Bates? Ugh…no.

Should I write about how he was even screaming with the TV on? Handing us the remote, as though he was finally getting sick of Sesame Street and basketball? Write about how I added a bunch of new TV show icons to his talker and then he never wanted any of them anyway? Nah…why write about that?

Should I write about his new iPad? The district coughed one up for the first time. To replace the one he broke, the new one came with a protector screen and a heavier, almost bulletproof-looking case. Is the idea for him to throw it less? Sure, but then when he does throw it, doesn’t it hurt more?

Still, minor miracle: they somehow transferred his entire program without me having to log on to the new iPad. And they initially said they weren’t going to let us take it home, but they eventually did. And best of all, Dar has no problem using the new iPad.

But the iPad thing doesn’t feel like a full blog post.

Should I write about Dar having a lot of behavior problems at school? Should I talk about the special meeting wifey and I needed to attend at school last week? Should I copy down all of his screaming-fit journal entries in here? Nah.

Should I write about his new aide? She seems good. And I like that the school implicitly acknowledged that the multiple-aide plan was ridiculous. Hopefully this serves as proof of concept, forever. Proof that multiple aides is a bad concept for Dar. But…I don’t want to talk too much about the aide until she’s been around a little longer.

Lot of this feels like that. Too much flux to be a blog post.

Flux capacitor…fluxing.