This week, we pretend that Dar can speak and put together an annotated photo collection. Since I can’t know what Dar’s imagination conjures, I’ll use mine to conjure something…unrealistic.

Hey Dad! I had a terrific time in Hawaii! Thanks for everything.

I’m still amazed that the below was the view from our room. What a lanai! And look at that break in the hedgerow, perfect for me to sneak out and find the beach…kidding, of course! #sorrynotsorry

You know how I am about playing with water. Well, I loved the main beach, just overlooking Molokai. So awesome!

Before: me preparing to jump in. After: me jumping in!

I got so much sand on my hair that day, it looked like I dyed it blond!

Hey, the next one is at Black Rock! Always a fan favorite.

On our Black Rock day we got to see my uncles Jim and Aran at the Sheraton right next to it. Here they are with my cheesy brother. Fun!

I like this sneaky family photo: we’ve got your legs, my brother in red, me just to his left, and Mommy in the water near me. So nice to have you both watching over me. Thanks!

Oooo, this next one of me and my brother is great. Loved that one remote beach.

Hey, these next pictures were taken on different days, eh? THANKS again for all the time we got to spend on beaches, you know how much I love water.

Omigod, the moon, Venus, and Jupiter in one picture? It’s like the cosmos is saying “Hey Dar you’ll be okay!”

I’ll admit that maybe nature hikes aren’t my 100% favorite thing to do, but according to you, when I look back as an adult, I’ll somehow appreciate all these parts of the islands I got to see.

At least this one hike had a stream that I could stim over…with a Hawaii flag? Whatever.

How old was that banyan tree in Lahaina town, Dad? Like 150 years? Wowzers!

I know I didn’t get to be with you when you went scuba diving, but maybe staring at this pool-cleaning guy in the aquarium is the next best thing?

In any event, god I loved the aquarium. Remember me dee-dee-dee-ing for an hour outside that one tank? It wasn’t because of the humuhumunukunukua’pua, although heck, that didn’t hurt.

I loved the day we snuck into the Grand Wailea. Too bad we didn’t really get any good photos of it, including the below. But I really loved that central pool, the one that the waterslides flow into, the one with more surface area than…any other pool? Also loved the hot tub grotto area. Great choices Dad!

Dad, I mean this: great job making Thanksgiving dinner just for the four of us. Thanks for keeping up these Turkey day traditions that I don’t understand at all.

Your food is fine Dad, but I absolutely loved that restaurant Merriman’s. That’s why it was so hard for you to keep me in my seat. Wow, still can’t believe we got the best seat on their peninsular lanai, there we are on their couch, surrounded on three sides by crashing ocean waves. Heavenly!

Loved the lava tube near Hana. So many great formations that don’t photograph at all!

I know you and my brother were excited to “do” the maze next to the lava tube. Well my whole life is a maze, so I’d rather just pick at the walls, thanks.

Wow, that hotel in Hana was really impressive. Can we actually pay for that instead of just visiting it? Maybe we get one of these bungalows near the beach and no one will hear me screaming? Just a thought.

Oh yeah, here’s my brother at Charles Lindbergh’s grave. Somehow that seems symbolic.

Still amazed that we circumnavigated the island. Who ever sees the South Side of Maui? It’s not even in the brochures, and it might have been the best part! Reminded me of parts of Jurassic Park.

And you got this solid gold picture of me and my brother happy together. That’s one picture in a million!

All in all, great vacation Dad and Mom! I love you both! Now I’m gonna go stim so more.