January 14, 2021

This isn’t a good week, and I’m way too dispirited to do a “full” blog post.

The feeling I’m feeling, though, is enough for 1000 blog posts. Enough, and way, way too much.

This week, when I look at Dar, I think LOSS. He’s a loss leader. I learned that term when I self-taught economics…a part of the business that directly loses money, but in a roundabout way helps the business, often bringing more customers or revenue or something.

But Dar doesn’t help our business. He’s just an enormous shadow of LOSS.

Loss of opportunities, sleep, sanity, money. Loss of generational improvement…don’t we all want our kids to do better than us? Not only is Dar robbing himself of that chance, he may well wind up robbing his brother of it. I know it doesn’t look that dire from our Christmas cards or whatever. But you’re not here. You don’t hear Dar’s screaming, screaming, screaming, and self-injurious behaviors.

I wish I could stop thinking about it. Maybe I’d actually get some sleep.

Every day, be thankful you don’t have a severely autistic kid. Every day.