The problem behavior impeding learning is: Target behavior is tantrums. Instances of tantrums include a combination of at least 2 of the following: dropping, crying, yelling, aggression, banging or kicking items/surfaces, SIB

Frequency Average of 2x per day

Intensity varies, can range from crying and stomping foot to dropping and aggression

Duration Averages 15 minutes per incident

What are the antecedents for the problem behavior?

  • When asked to sit in a chair
  • Waiting for a high preference activity/item
  • During group/academic instruction
  • When preferred items/snacks/activities are not available (e.g. asks for something on his iPad that we don’t have)
  • Fatigue
  • Hunger

What environmental structure and supports are needed to reduce the problem behavior?

  • Visually structured learning materials with a clear visual concept of finished
  • Picture schedule
  • Voice output device/iPad
  • Prompt/model appropriate communication
  • Individual work area
  • Shortened time in groups
  • Frequent opportunities to engage in high preference activities

Team believes the behavior occurs because

Access denied to: chips, quesadillas, popcorn, goldfish, front yard, backyard, walks, wandering, sensory/pressure, bead necklaces, chewies, plastic reptile toys, rolling in the padded tube/vestibular stimulation

What team believes the student should do INSTEAD of the problem behavior?

Communicate his needs and wants using his communication device or words/sounds/signs/gestures/menus

Access sensory strategies and materials to remain calm. Use his visual schedule and/or complete task(s) before accessing rewarding activities/items.