Based on my posts from the last two weeks, and this one, I guess Dar’s eligibility for services must be undergoing its annual scrutiny. There’s no reason for that to bother me. We haven’t had home services for the last two weeks (our new person starts Monday). By that, I mean that resources are finite, and though this isn’t my idea of a perfect world, we have to compete with other families for those resources. My hard-won cynicism – won partly through doing endless exercises with Dar – tells me he’ll be qualifying for a long time. Someday, I hope to be thrilled to be proven wrong.

Again, I would hope that a blog post like this gives some comfort to affected families, while also giving a grim cheer to less affected families – even though your kid is driving you crazy, at least you don’t have to fill out forms like these!

So the survey, here printed verbatim, asks me to answer Never, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, or Hourly. And if my answer is anything but “Never,” I’m supposed to name Mild Severity, Moderate Severity, or Extreme Severity. I take this to indicate something about how easy it is for me to re-direct him, or how bothersome the behavior is for him and others. Anyway this survey goes a LITTLE something like this:

Self-Injurious Behavior

1 Self-Biting (so hard that a tooth print can be seen for some time; bloodshot or breaking of skin may occur)            Never

2 Hitting head with hand or other body part (e.g. face slapping, knee against forehead) or with/against objects (e.g. slamming against a wall, knocking head with a toy)             Monthly             Mild Severity

3 Hitting body (except for the head) with own hand or with any other body part (e.g. kicking self, slapping arms or thighs) or with/against objects (e.g. hitting legs with a stick, boxing the wall)             Monthly            Mild Severity

4 Self-scratching (so hard that reddening of the skin becomes visible; breaking of the skin may also occur)             Never

5 Vomiting and rumination (deliberate regurgitation of swallowed food with rumination)             Never

6 Self-pinching (so hard that reddening of the skin becomes visible; breaking of the skin may occur)             Never

7 Pica: Mouthing or swallowing of objects which should not be mouthed or swallowed for health or hygiene reasons (non-food items such as feces, grass, paper, garbage, hair)            Monthly            Mild Severity

8 Inserting objects in body openings (in nose, ears, or anus, etc.)             Never

9 Pulling finger or toe nails            Never

10 Inserting fingers in body openings (e.g. eye poking, finger in anus, etc.)             Never

11 Air swallowing resulting in extended abdomen            Never

12 Hair pulling (tearing out patches of hair)                        Never

13 Extreme drinking (e.g. more than 3 liters per day)             Never

14 Teeth grinding (evidence of ground teeth)                        Never

15 Other: _______


Stereotyped Behavior

16 Rocking back and forth             Never

17 Sniffing objects             Never

18 Spinning own body             Monthly            Mild Severity

19 Waving or shaking arms             Never

20 Rolling head            Never

21 Whirling, turning around on spot             Never

22 Engaging in repetitive body movements             Daily            Moderate Severity

23 Pacing            Daily            Moderate Severity

24 Twirling things            Never

25 Having repetitive hand movements            Daily            Mild Severity

26 Yelling and screaming            Daily            Moderate Severity

27 Sniffing own body                        Never

28 Bouncing around            Never

29 Spinning objects            Never

30 Having bursts of running around             Hourly                        Mild Severity

31 Engaging in complex hand and finger movements             Never

32 Manipulating objects repeatedly            Hourly                        Mild Severity

33 Exhibiting sustained finger movements            Never

34 Rubbing self            Never

35 Gazing at hands or objects             Hourly                        Moderate severity

36 Maintaining bizarre body postures             Daily            Mild Severity

37 Clapping hands            Never

38 Grimacing                        Daily                        Mild Severity

39 Waving hands            Never

40 Other: _______


Aggressive/Destructive Behavior

41 Hitting others             Never

42 Kicking others             Never

43 Pushing others            Never

44 Biting others            Never

45 Grabbing and pulling others             Never

46 Scratching others            Never

47 Pinching others            Never

48 Spitting on others            Never

49 Being verbally abusive with others            Never

50 Destroying things (e.g. rips clothes, throws chairs, smashes tables)             Never

51 Being mean or cruel (e.g. grabbing toys or food from others, bullying others)            Never

52 Other: ______

(Thank God about this last section. Who knows how long that’ll last.)