Hi and blessings out to you, loyal readers!

There’s a lot going on in Dar-world, but this isn’t the time to report on it. I would love to write more about today’s first visit of my wife and me to a non-public school where Dar could possibly spend…the next 13 years. That would be ALL of the 2020s. If Dar goes there and if all is copacetic, Dar would round the corner on the end of the first quarter of the 21st century there with a LOT of time to spare.

How often have you checked out the school where your kid could spend more than 12 years? I’m guessing not often.

But…this isn’t the time to put the cart before the horse. You don’t start a 1000-mile-journey and then, ten steps into it, make a big internet announcement about how great you’re doing. So…looking forward to writing more later.

Oh, also, flying to Seattle tomorrow for my birthday! So, that has me mildly distracted. If reports can be trusted, my airline doesn’t have any Boeing 737 MAXes…