For my new book Blockbuster Performances, I asked my friend Dylan, who designs book covers among other things, if he might like to throw something together about actors and big-budget films. He came up with some amazing ideas. But then…Palgrave Macmillan clamped down and, long story short, required a certain kind of cover. I hated having to email Dylan the bad news, but when I did he replied cheerfully “Ah, nothing’s ever easy” and then moved on to the next topic.

It’s just one of those pithy phrases that stuck with me, and re-stuck with me this week. Nothing’s ever easy. Dar isn’t easy. He’s screaming at his therapist as I type this.

I actually have a lot more to say, but I’m gonna save it for another time. I wish all of you safety and health. I hate this virus. It’s got me so scared that I’m not as productive as I should be with all this extra time. Feh.

Let’s all stay home and read and watch better pieces than this. 🙂