I don’t tell people it’s the most important election of their lifetime. They’re tired of hearing that. I tell them that it’ll be the best-feeling vote they ever cast. Probably at no other point in your lifetime will you get to pull one lever one time and feel that you have rejected 20,000 lies with the probability of 20,000 more lies, 200,000 deaths with the probability of 200,000 more deaths, and absolute disregard for the law, the military, the Constitution, and most of the institutions that make America great. When else will you be able to look back on any vote with that much pride? I mean, come on.

I tell people this, sometimes, during the time when I used to be writing these blog posts. The blog is on hold because we’re in a national emergency. We are losing more than a thousand Americans a day to a disease that could have been well mitigated by now if we’d just done what every other civilized country on the planet had done. I call that an emergency.

And it is about Dar and what sort of world he will inherit.

So for the duration, I’m making as many volunteer phone calls as I can while still keeping myself healthy. Please do the same here: