Order yourself a strong cup of Luke’s coffee, because Gilmore Girls is back. Gilmore Girls was a thing before things were things…or was it? Utterly ignored by the Emmys and rarely earning anything more than a 5 share in the ratings, Gilmore spent much of its run as your crazy aunt’s favorite show that you never watched. Ten years ago, there wasn’t even a proper book about it…until the one whose cover you’re looking at. My essay was the book’s final act.

Now that we’re in November 2016, I find it amusing to compare a piece I wrote exactly ten years ago to the show’s reboot that just happened, which sometimes — sometimes — plays like mediocre fan fiction. After all, this reboot wouldn’t have happened without the rabid fans, and this piece…deals with them before anyone connected to the show did. I’ll have more to say on the reboot at some point. For now, where I lead, will you follow? For the first time ever on this blog, stroll down memory lane to a place I call late 2006 and try to remember what we thought then about Lorelei, Rory, and the internet: