Today I “got into it” with an anti-Hillary Clinton person on Facebook. I’m not proud of myself. Actually, I offer this up as a confessional.

Personally, I don’t love it when I see someone charge Hillary with “attacking” women. When did she “attack” any woman? Even one of Bill Clinton’s inamoratas? So this time, when I saw a stranger, ahem, ATTACK Hillary on a friend’s Facebook post, I asked him to support his statement. Of course he didn’t. Our exchange is below, in screen captures. If he didn’t want to be on my blog, well, he shouldn’t post on the public forum that is Facebook.

But I don’t feel good after such an exchange. Let me count the reasons:

  1. Didn’t change his mind one iota, and never could.
  2. Look at the vile bile that he hears and spreads. Depressing.
  3. I’m supposed to be finishing my bibliography for my book next year right now. Shouldn’t permit this level of distraction.
  4. Hillary still might have once verbally “attacked” a woman, but my friend of a friend here might just be too lazy to find out. I wish I had the truth!
  5. Do we not even know what a simple word like “attack” means anymore? What are they teaching kids these days? Do they know the word “dictionary”? Might want to look into that. (See what I did there?)
  6. I attack Hillary. I mean, sort of. I have certainly upbraided her on this blog for defending the one percent (and blaming it on 9/11, as she did in her first debate with Senator Sanders). Now, I like to think that when I do it, it’s all part of how the home-team ribs each other. Kate McKinnon could be seen as attacking Hillary with her “SNL” impressions of her. And those two are BFF. So I don’t know that Hillary can’t handle “attacks.” But at this point they’re not making me feel good, whether from me or anyone else.
  7. Sigh. Just let this election end, already.