Hi loyal blog readers! Have you ever wondered what I would be doing if Dar were neurotypical? Well, I have!

Dar is not my 24/7 preoccupation. I also work, look for work, parent the other bambino, and make time for wifey. Like you, I also deal with a hundred other distractions regarding debt, creditors, licenses, city forms, paperwork, insurance, medical stuff, permissions, applications, approvals…et cetera.

Still. I feel strongly that I could be doing more if Dar’s condition wasn’t sucking up so much of my time and energy. (Blogging is therapy.)

What else would I be doing? Well, for example, more videos like this:

Christopher McQuarrie had it right on a recent viral thread: a lotta wannabe filmmakers are asking the wrong questions. He’s right: you just make movies at whatever budget you can, whenever you can.

However, context matters. If people aren’t ready for you, they’re not going to click on something you post. They need to hear from their friends or another source they trust.

The other day, I posted the above video, partly as a salute to the new movie Harriet. But…I didn’t exactly get an overwhelming response. I think a lot of that has to do with context. No one’s expecting to click on a new video from me, so why would they? (Plus, no one has time, no one wants to deal with audio, et cetera.)

Today I ask you to help me build context. I’m not asking for money. I would never do that! Instead I ask you to click on this video. Heck, run it in the background on mute. But actually, if you activate the subtitles (the CC button), I think you’ll love it? And if so, share it. “Like” it. Build that context.

It’s not like I ask for this every year. This is like a once-a-decade ask.

If so, you’ll be getting me closer to imagining a world where Dar doesn’t have all these problems, and we can focus on other important things.

Thanks and love,