On fivethirtyeight, they’re asking what kind of message the Democrats need to win in 2018. The consensus is that in the midterms, the Dems don’t need to be particularly positive, but only need to attack Trump.

I agree and I don’t. Dems should absolutely focus on Trump’s shortcomings. But I think it’s smartest to package that in pseudo-positive language.

I’ll go further and present, for the first time anywhere, the Official First Draft of the Dems’ Midterm Ads. As I’ve been saying on this blog, for the next two years, the opposition party shouldn’t emphasize the big George Soros issues. The key word is emphasize; the issues remain in the platform while they aren’t being emphasized in ads for swing voters. (Just like Trump failed to emphasize a lot of his more extreme, anti-working-class positions while on the campaign trail.)

As an example, my first draft of this First Draft included Restore American Fairness and Restore American Tolerance, but I’m avoiding Dem code-words. A few Dem priorities like health care and climate change get name-checked just enough so that the Dems don’t lose their agenda entirely, but mostly this stuff is written for the 60% who disapprove or don’t approve of Trump. Furthermore, every time this Draft mentions something that needs a source, it would be better to use a right-wing one: Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, Breitbart, National Review, The Weekly Standard. They’ve all covered these stories. (USA Today is also good, not because they’re partisan, they’re not, but because they’re still in every Denny’s in America.)

Basically, almost everything here is something that wouldn’t have happened under President Cruz or Rubio or Pence or Koch brother. This is the stuff that’s disappointing all voters, it’s just that some of them are too hypnotized/shame-spiralled to admit it.

But why, you might ask, is this Draft in such rough form? Because I’m not paid to do this. Give me some of that sweet, sweet lobbying cash, and I’ll be happy to do this in video form.

As I say, for the midterms, this leans heavily on being anti-Trump. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to support this with a website that uses the same bullet points supported by more positive (if boilerplate Democrat) ideas.

The Draft starts by hitting swing voters right where they live. Start with an audio that says “We Have a 20-Point Plan to Fight Trump…”


1 Restore American Promises

Note that border wall and Hillary-indicting promises were forgotten

#DraintheSwamp, but Goldman Sachs/bankers running policy


2 Restore American Jobs

Show Trump signing mine-workers deal, but where are the jobs??

Taking credit for Obama-era saved jobs, like at Charter, or China importing US beef


3 Restore American Infrastructure

Where are the infrastructure jobs?

Show the campaign promises, including an election night bait-and-switch, and show the tumbleweeds since Jan 20


4 Restore American Potential

Show Trump policies that give only to 1%, like AHCA, tax reform

Note no action on trade, and indeed allowing 1% to “offshore” $ and jobs

Climate change, or “going green,” as job driver


5 Restore American Ethics

All the nepotism of Jared/Ivanka, including new China trademarks

Taxpayers paid $500m to Trump properties in 1st quarter 2017 (per WSJ)


6 Restore American Honesty

Side-by-side pictures of the mall;

Claims about “3-5 million people voted illegally”

Accusing Obama of wiretapping, get huffy when asked about it


7 Restore American Integrity

All the Russia scandal highlights: Flynn, Manafort, Page, Stone, Lewandowski, Kushner, Trump, all clearly misdirecting (at a minimum): if they have nothing to hide, why not just tell the truth?


8 Restore American Elections

Russia meddling

Voting Rights Act violations


9 Restore American Support for Democracy

Show Trump praise for autocrats (Putin, Duterte, Kim, Erdogan) and contrast to his stiff-arming Merkel, Trudeau, our other allies


10 Restore American Values

Show “you think we’re so innocent?” remark

Show tweeting in favor of Paris terrorist attack


11 Restore the American Constitution

Show Kellyanne Conway breaking law for pitching Ivanka’s products

Show Jeff Sessions lying to Congress

Emoluments clause


12 Restore American Checks and Balances

Show Trump questioning Congressional process as too laborious

Show Trump tweet “If something happens blame [judge] and the court system. People pouring in. Bad!

Show Trump tweet calling media “enemy of American people”


13 Restore American Accountability

Show Trump blaming everyone else for Yemen raid

Show Trump blaming everyone else for White House mistakes


14 Restore American Competence

Show Spicer on Holocaust, Nazis

Show Mar-a-Lago guests posting pic of nuclear football on Facebook

Show giving away secrets to Russian spies in Oval Office


15 Restore American Health

Show CBO report that killing Obamacare will kill health care for 24 million


16 Restore American Respect for Women

Show Trump defending Bill O’Reilly (as President)

Contrasting photos of Bush with Laura and Trump leaving Melania behind


17 Restore American Transparency

No tax release, though millions protested and we need it for conflicts of interest

Show the now-hidden visitor’s log

No medical evaluation from a professional


18 Restore American Professionalism

Appointing deeply unqualified DeVos, Perry, Tillerson

Firing Yates, Bharara, Comey, all the ambassadors, no replacements lined up


19 Restore American Leadership

Gutting federal departments

Leaving hundreds of jobs open with no plans in place


20 Restore America