1877: Asaph Hall discovers, names Phobos and Deimos

1957: Sputnik becomes first manmade object in space, from Soviet Union

1969: Apollo 11 carries first men to surface of extraterrestrial object, from USA

1971: Mars 2 becomes first manmade object on Mars, from Soviet Union

2000: Iceland builds first machines harnessing geo-thermal power

2020: Private space travel begins, led by Richard Branson and others

2020s: Corporations move to private islands in international waters

2030: Hotel Hyperion becomes first hotel in space, a “snow globe” from United Arab Emirates

2034: Wang Jiangou becomes first man on Mars, from China

2050s: “Populist terrorists” attack corporate islands, who move operations into snow globes into Earth orbit

2058: Jeremy Branson retrofits his snow globe, travels to and lands on Mars, establishing first permanent human colony on Mars

2064: Applokia builds mountain-sized black reflector panels, suspends them over Earth’s North Pole in effort to slow global warming

2068: Populist terrorists unsuccessfully fire seized nukes at snow globes

2071: The Consortium formed – Microgle, Texxon, Gazprom, AirBoeing, Lockheed, Binto and Applokia – to terraform and lay claim to all of Mars

2074: Consortium mission begins seizing ammonia-filled asteroids from asteroid belt, “crashing” them into Mars’ atmosphere

2075: Applokia creates white reflector panels, suspends them above Mars poles

2079: Kendra Lee hired by Microgle to juice up reality-TV ratings; she successfully foments tension between scientists and corporations on Mars

2085: Populist terrorists invent INVEST FAIR metric to foment tensions between corporations

2102: First Inter-Corporate War results in consolidation of surviving corporations, the “Big 12,” who assert power over most of Earth in tension with newly consolidated NATO and Asian Alliance

2107: Icelandic scientist Petraeus Aquinas patents ED-210, for controlling volcanoes

2112: Binto drills deep into Tharsis, detonates fusion nukes, re-activates volcanoes; ED-210 regulates volcanoes, converts volcano energy to terraforming uses

2112: Land rush as Big 12 re-divides Mars, settles snow globes on Mars

2116: New Jerusalem founded; ED-210 terraforming Mars faster than predicted

2131: Snow globes come down as equatorial temperatures average 275°K

2132: Second Inter-Corporate War results in founding of Mars United, with one Senator for each corporation and central military controlled by Prime Minister

2137: Aquinas “crashes” long-orbiting, useless snow globe into Olympus Mons; Mt. Tambora-like eruption exceeds predictions, killing Aquinas and blanketing Mars in ash, ending terraforming at average 300°K at equators

2145: Separatist tensions result in founding of Melas Space Port, only second on planet

2154: Civil War; Earth mothership ends Mars United?