Happy May Day, y’all.

I *will* be talking about Dar’s new school at some point. Probably next week. But I thought to use May Day to mention that I feel a lot of solidarity with working people everywhere and that…I hate to see them over-spend their lives on someone like Dar. Just today I saw a young woman who had spent the school day with Dar and she looked…I hope this is okay to say…exhausted. I think a lot about Dar making people feel that way every day for the next…70 years.

And that brings me to the other kind of Mayday. Mayday!

I read a LOT of posts written by parents of kids with autism…I mean a LOT. If you’ve ever thought of sending me one…go right ahead! And to give you an indication of what I’m looking for, check out Maya Weschler, who crystallizes many, many of my thoughts. We may not see eye to eye on every single thing. But I like that she’s over being polite, you know?

As you know, I don’t usually do this, but I’m giving over this May Day to her two recent Washington Post Maydays below. Enjoy! See you in a week.

Ugly details

Hard life lessons”