Dar’s aide at school is required to write in a journal so that we have a sense of his daily activities, what he’s doing, how close he’s coming to meeting the requirements of his IEP. We truly worry about the hitting, but the school doesn’t. Here’s May so far, as of today:



8:10 Morning snack

8:35 Bathroom Break

8:45 Reading

9:00 Identifying letters and numbers

9:15 Sitting on carpet with peers

9:40 Recess on play around bouncing ball

10:00 carpet with peers

10:15 Mail Delivery

10:30 Bathroom Break

11am Speech

11:30 Lunch


12:30 Number identifying

12:45 Play Ground

12:50 Bathroom

1pm Outside Gardening

No behaviors today!!



8:10 Yogurt, Pirate booty


Name Practice

Bathroom @ 9:20



10:00 Function of noun

10:30 Reading and identifying

10:45 carpet with peers

around 10:30 gave Dar organic Z-Bar

@ 11:02 he had a BM in his pants

I am not sure if it was the Z-Bar

11:15 Lunch playground

Bathroom 12:30

PE @ 12:45

No behaviors!



Morning snack 8:05

Assembly 8:30

Bathroom @ 9

Speech at 9:30

10:00 bathroom

10:30 reading

10:45 identifying letters

11:00 bathroom

Lunch playground

11:20 bathroom

12 reading

12:30 name practice

12:45 function of a noun

1pm bathroom

1:15 Identifying signs

1:30 Outside break needed space

1:32 I asked him to use device to tell me what he wanted – he pushed outside, we were already outside he wanted play ground but when I asked him to tell me he fell to ground hitting window with hand yelling screaming. took him to learning center he got device and we prompt him to tell us using hand over hand he did took him to the play ground



Morning snack


Carpet with peers

Bathroom @ 9:15

Name practice


Name practice

Bathroom @ 10:30

Math adding

Reading safety signs




12:30 Function of a noun

1pm bathroom

1:15 Adding and subtracting

1:30 Making cupys mail delivery

1:45 (OT)

No behaviors



Morning snack


Name practice

Bathroom @ 9

9:15 Name practice

when we came back into class room

from bathroom he hit the teacher while laughing

9:30 identifying letters

9:40 recess

10:15 run-a-thon

We went down tried to get him to run he got device said potty, brought him to potty, nothing, went to class room

10:30 identify numbers and letters

lunch while at lunch he fell on ground started to cry

11:20 bathroom

eating lunch watching movie on device

12:30 reading

12:45 sorting math

1pm bathroom

1:15 sorting math

P.E. 1:30

@ PE time he ran with 3rdgraders Also he hit teacher in back with a smile on his face laughing



Morning snack

Name practice @ 8:30

Asked for space

Bathroom @ 9

9:15 read new book…answered questions

9:30 name practice

9:45 recess

10 carpet with peers

10:15 reading and identifying

10:30 bathroom

10:45 reading

11:00 speech


Identifying object and sizes

12:30 bathroom

12:45 identifying object and sizes

1pm practice traffic signs

1:30 counting and sorting


He was hitting with a smile on his face he did it to me 3 times to Nick once

During my last 15 min break when Nick came in to give me my break Dar hit him 3 times while smiling this is day 2 and it’s not getting better. He tried to hit teacher again. Today he had to sit at desk every 2 min break because he keeps hitting he has been hitting his hand on the walls and desk all day today off and on


[Message from our home therapist to school]

Hitting staff is attention-maintained. He likes the faces or words you give him after he hits. Try not giving him attention (no eye contact) and quietly placing his hands on his lap. Once his hands are down and secure, thank him for having quiet hands. It may get worse before getting better but he has gone through this phase before.



Morning snack

He is asking for outside before work is done I told him work first he began to yell and hit

8:30 number sorting

9:00 bathroom

9:30 name practice

10:00 bathroom

10:15 identifying number

10:30 identifying letters

11:00 reading



Back from my lunch break Dar was having a behavior. We walked over to desk to put his socks on while bending down to put socks on he slapped me in my face knocked my glasses off and my lense came out. I did not put socks on.

He has been crying because he wants outside when it’s work time.

1245 Identifying things that start with Ts

1pm bathroom


Aide said he was hitting her also teacher while she covered my break.