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Love the author, don’t love the comments

Try this link. The thing I have to keep reminding myself: ignorant commenters are coming from the same place that this mom, and myself, are coming from. That is, we’re all groping in the darkness just trying to help. So, yes, I honor and recognize that…even as I comment back to a half-dozen of them that Alison didn’t ask them for their advice and there’s no reason for them to phrase their advice as “this solution works” when they have […]

9/11 + 20

I spent 9/11 not knowing or believing 9/11 had happened. Well, that’s only half true. But I hope you’ll pardon my phrasing, because this is the first time I’ve ever shared this half-truth. Maybe I never shared it because there are millions of 9/11 stories more important than mine. But hey, if you’d like to know how anyone living in America could have even half-missed it, read on. On September 11, 2001, I was living by myself in an apartment […]

Summer reset

This Covid year has really been one for the books. It’s hard to believe that we can finally start to wrap it up, or at least pretend to. I’m very proud that I basically kept up a weekly autism blog for about five (5!) years before Covid. I’m not proud that I haven’t done so well since. But if I’m ever gonna get back to where I was, I need a bit of a summer reset. And in this case, […]

Dar at a new school!

June 18, 2021 Dar was at Thousand Oaks forever. We fought to get him into a new school. We won. That new school, Via, was great for him. Then Via shut down because of Covid. Via tried distance learning with Dar. He doesn’t do two-way screens. As Covid eased, he went back to Thousand Oaks. But that was no long-term solution…it was just short-term enough for him to finish the “promotion” with the rest of his fellow fifth-graders. The summer […]

A Tale of Two TayMac ZTC100 Thermostat Covers

May 27, 2021 It was the bath of times, it was the pipe-burst of times. Know what these are? Of course you don’t. Who does? Wait. Of course you do. You read the header. That’s right, it’s two TayMac ZTC100 Thermostat Covers. Now. What the heck are they doing affixed to our mid-century bathtub’s handle fixtures? Funny story, that. And just one more of many on this blog that almost never happen outside the wacky world of autism. Ready? Have […]

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