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Mann Lake Ranking TOP12

Mann Lake "Spiral Taper" Candle Mold, 7-1/2-Inch


Mann Lake "Spiral Taper" Candle Mold, 7-1/2-Inch


Product description

This 7 1/2" spiral taper mold makes for a great addition to your home decor! If you are new to candle making or a professional you'll find the Candle Flex Molds to be easy to use. Our durable, flexible molds will last for hundreds of pouring's, giving you beautiful candles and ornaments time after time. This is only the mold to make the candle. Candle not included. Color of mold material may vary.

From the manufacturer

Quality, innovative products and superior service has always set us apart from the competition and fueled our growth, making us the world

leader in the beekeeping industry.We love sharing our passion and knowledge with you.We have everything you need!

At Mann Lake, We Know Bees

Spraying Mold-Release Spraying Mold-Release

Candle Mold Instructions Part 1

Lightly spray your mold with Mold Release.

Wicking NeedleWicking Needle

Candle Mold Instructions Part 2

Use a wicking needle to thread the wick through the

hole in the bottom of the mold. Pull the wick so that

it is about 6” (15.24 cm) longer than the top of the

mold. Leave the wick at the bottom of the mold long,

that way when you remove the candle, the mold will rewick itself!

Split in MoldSplit in Mold

Candle Mold Instructions Part 3

Most molds have at least one cut in the side. Take

the time to make sure that the seam(s) are aligned

properly. This process will alleviate the need to repair

a bad seam on your candle.

Spraying Mold-Release Spraying Mold-Release

Wicking NeedleWicking Needle

Split in MoldSplit in Mold

Wick BandsWick Bands

Candle Mold Instructions Part 4

Use the rubber bands included with your mold to

secure the seams in place, readjusting if necessary

after the rubber bands are in place.


Candle Mold Instructions Part 5

Secure your wick over the mold. Bobby pins or

popsicle sticks work great for this purpose. You want

the wick centered and straight but not too tight. A

wick that is too tight or too loose will effect the way

your candle burns. Pour your melted wax into the mold slowly.

Removing Candle Removing Candle

Candle Mold Instructions Part 6

The slower your candle cools, the better it will turn

out. Once your candle is completely cooled, remove

the rubber bands and pull the seam(s) apart. Remove

the candle from the mold and trim the wick at the top

and bottom of the candle.

Wick BandsWick Bands


Removing Candle Removing Candle

Finishing Touches on your Candle.

Your mold is now wicked and ready for your next pouring. The bottom of the candle is likely to be uneven. Use a metal pie

tin on the stove to gently warm the bottom of the candle and flatten it out so the candle will sit level.

Congratulations, you are now a candle maker!

Mann Lake "Spiral Taper" Candle Mold, 7-1/2-Inch

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